From Kobe, Japan. Our custom soy sauce is key to deliciousness. 日本の神戸発、特製醤油だれがおいしさの決め手。:Kobe is an especially modern city where gourmet people gather. We make authentic soy sauce taste ramen, loved for long time, with Japanese ingredients.  ひときわモダンでグルメが集う街、神戸。そこで長年愛されているあっさり醤油味のラーメンを、日本の素材で仕上げました。

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Distinctive Flavor こだわりの味

Mild sweetness from chicken bone and vegetable, Rich flavor from custom soy sauce, and House made noodle. Completed classic taste with distinctive Japanese ingredients. 鶏ガラと野菜のまろやかな甘み、特製醤油だれのコク、自家製麺。日本の素材にこだわって、昔懐かしい味わいに仕上げました。

Soup スープ

Umami is extracted from vegetables and chicken bones by boiling longer hours. It is a plain type of soup but it is well-seasoned with body. It is critical for authentic Ramen.


Custom soy sauce 特製醤油だれ

Mixed two kinds of authentically brewed soy sauce, add high quality kelp from Hokkaido and salt for good flavor


Noodle 麺

We developed house-made straight noodle using flour specifically picked for Ramen noodle. It is made and left for a while at the shop, to serve at the most delicious timing. It has good texture with springiness and firmness, which will be kept to the end by suppressing boiling elongation. No artificial colorants contain, so the noodle shows natural colors reacted by lye water.


Toppings トッピング

Roast pork, Bean sprout, Leek, Laver, Cloud ear mushroom

Roasted port fillet is house-made with secret sauce and kelp. It tastes good when fresh from oven, so we cook it every day.



Location 店舗案内

Ramen KANBE AEON Mall BSD City ら-めん神戸(かんべ)イオンモールBSD CITY店

Open date : Jun 17, 2015

Rahmen Village, 3/F AEON Mall BSD City, Jl. BSD Raya Utama, Desa Sampora Kecamatan Cisauk, Kabupaten Tangerang 15345
Tel : +62-21-2916-8537


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